Haute couture range

Made in France

Leathers from the Haas Tanneries are made out of calfs skins originating from French and European farms. We work closely with every calf industry players (breeders, integrators, veterinarians, breeding technicians, etc.) for the implementation of actions aiming at raising awareness and improving the quality of the skins.

All leathers are available upon order only.


Our range

Our range is based on different leather families with their own characteristics adapted to the requirements and specific features of the different markets.

  • Double tanned (chrome and vegetable), greased calf leathers: NOVONAPPA®, BARENIA®, NOVOCALF®, SUPORTLO®, BARANIL®
  • Smooth calf leathers for shoes: CHEVERNY, NEVADA, NOVOTAN, ANILKISS, JAVA
  • Smooth firm calf leathers for leather goods: TEXAS, NOVOTAN, VENDEE, CIRRUS
  • Smooth mellow calf leathers: WAXY and POLKA
  • Soft drummed calf leathers: DREAM, BOUNTY, SULLY , ALSACE
  • Fancy soft calf leathers : BACCARAT, CLAUDETTE, MORRISSON
  • Suede calf leather ALSAVEL®
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We also offer more specific leathers:

  • Soft calf leathers for saddlery: CUIR A SIEGES et CUIR A PANNEAUX
  • Calf leathers for furniture: LADYCALF
  • Calf leathers for garment: NAPPACALF, DOLCECALF, NUBUCK VÊTEMENT
  • Calf leathers for lining: ZERMATT, ARIZONA FOULONNE, ALSAVEL ® 

Available stock on request for articles such as SUPORTLO®, BARANIL® and Softy grain MARSOUIN.


We offer more than 25 different types of prints.

The touch and beauty of a skin lies in the fineness of its grain


Our trademarks

NOVOCALF®, SUPORTLO®,NOVONAPPA® and BARENIA® have made Haas Tanneries well-known for more than 50 years.

These leathers are produced through a double tanning process - which includes chrome tanning salts and vegetable tannins. Then fat liquors are added in a hot air drum. This one gives them a mellow touch, softness and the property of forming a patina over time.

These productions require a quality raw material. Mostly french calf, with a resistant fiber structure.

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